Canon R Series Presets for Capture One 21+

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A cleaner and more neutral (still very stylized) update to my previous Capture One style presets! Exclusively for Capture One 21, using the new dehaze tool is a necessity to these presets!

My first release of Canon presets were based on heavily stylized film inspired looks. After obsessively shooting medium format film, Kodak Portra 400 and 800 to be exact, I created those presets based around my film work. Helps get silky skin tones with bold ambient colors. 

But now this pack keeps the beautiful perfect Canon colors while adding some more “natural” yet still stylized edits.

I would say the most important part to these presets are for you to go through the settings and figure out how I made them. Then you can use those tools to create your own look and branding.

5 Presets for $29.99

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