35mm Inspired Capture One Style Presets

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These past two years have been my best years yet for my commercial work. With that experience my color grading has developed so much. It took a lot of frustration and experimenting, but I’m finally 99% happy with the way my eye has developed. With the commercial work I’ve done it has become a chase to get a more natural look while keeping things cinematic and unique.

Im constantly getting messages on how I get my colors and look and its honestly all really simple. With these presets you can get the look I’ve been developing for these past two years now. It’s a mix of 35mm film and moody cinematic vibes. The 35mm part being that natural timeless look with its deep saturated colors, the cinematic vibes being the moody luminosity and hues.

After applying a preset, try playing with your Exposer, White Balance, and Tint to see what looks best. Also don’t forget to tweak you Whites, Highlights, Shadows, and Blacks to your taste as well. You can also right click on a preset and apply it to a new layer and then adjust the opacity from there as well! 

I would say the most important part to these presets are for you to go through the settings and figure out how I made them. Then you can use those tools to create your own look and branding.

5 Presets for $25

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